Thursday, June 20, 2013

The nightless night..

Mid Summer. The brightest time of the year. Sun is rising at 3am and goes down after 11pm, but no, there will not be dark at any point. I have to learn use those eyecovers (or whatever they are called), I'm so old that I can't get any sleep and woke up in about 56 times per night looking like a zombie in the morning! A lady needs to have her beauty sleep! My eyecover says it all: Ask daddy. And that is a clear message for kids not to disturb mommy in the morning, but they know it already that I'm not a morning person. And they respect my wish, or are just scaring that awfull morning creature..

This is the time to make mid summer magic. Ot's my daughter's turn, as I'm spoken for a many years now. There have to be seven different flowers and they need to be set under the pillow. And the love of your life will appear to you in a dream!

The is also the only time of the year when you can put the flag at 6pm and take it of at the next day at 9pm away.

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