Thursday, January 21, 2010

So This Is New Year

Happy New Year

I made some excellent and tasty white chocolate brownies, yam..

And we had a special guests in our New Year party (well, on DVD actually..)
Stray Cats Rumble in Brixton and I must say it sounded soooo gooood!

These photos was taken by my son

I took a few photos of my self, too.
This was the first time I did this hairdo.
And it turn out to be pretty nice! This hairdo is very easy and fast to make but I wasn't going to take any photos of my hair that time because it's a bit messy.. well, our little secret photographer struck and the hairdo (and I) didn't look so bad at all!

This time I got a whole lotta pictures to post. I haven't update my blog so often as I wish, hope that will change soon as I'll have all my long lost energy back as the spring is approaching!
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