Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hello Sailor

We had a bit different Midsummer this year. It was so rainy so we decided to skip over the Rock'n'Roll Jamboree. We spent two days in a trailer on the back yard of our friends. It was fun but different Midsummer festival and rainy, of course.

I had a sailor theme going on last week. I made a pretty star bow with a beautifut light blue Swarovski. I also made the lovely star earrings for the outfit. And for the first time ever I tried to twist my hair as a ponytail, and it actually worked!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

nothing much..

Nothing much has happened. At least nothing I could write in here. So here's some pictures of my hair and a very scary biker gal photo of me.. Hah, funny!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hamburgers and Pancakes

I love to spent my time in a kitchen on a hot summer day. That is because I'm in love with food! This menu is a great example what kind of food I like to do. It's amazing what I can do in my little kitchen.

Norma's Beef Burger
- self-made roll
-chili ketchup
-slice of tomato
-extra mature cheddar
-self-made BBQ Sauce
-self made beef patty
-iceberg lettuce

Norma's American Pancakes

served with
scoop of licorice ice cream
and maple syrup

Norma's recommendation for drinks

Large, ice cold and refreshing glass of Dr Pepper
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